Isle - Logo - Skateboard Deck - 8.00 x 31.85

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By Isle


The Isle Logo Skateboard Deck, measuring 8.00 inches wide x 31.85 inches in length, is a standout choice for skaters looking to make a statement. Designed by the UK skater-owned and operated Grind Supply Co, Isle offers a unique aesthetic curated by UK OG Nick Jensen. Established in 2013, Isle is known for its wildly vivid graphics that set it apart from other brands in the industry. The skateboard deck is constructed with mid mellow CNC cut cold pressed technology, ensuring both durability and performance on the board. With a wheelbase of 14.1 inches, this Isle Logo Skateboard Deck is a top-quality option for skaters seeking a visually striking and reliable deck for their next ride. Elevate your skate game with Isle's distinctive style and superior construction.