About Grind Supply

FOUNDED IN 2018, Grind Supply Co exists to facilitate the foundation of North Devon's first professional level skateboard training facility.

Now, we know this is no small task.

It could (probably will) take years to achieve, but we're skateboarders – we know what dedication is and we've experienced the rewards of a lot of hard work!

It's not just going to be a skate park either. We're aiming to provide industry leading examples of services from affiliated programmes such as rehabilitation and core fitness, to education in the various facets of the skateboarding industry (photography, video editing, events organisation) through to ethical and high quality coffee, food and more... if you're interested then get in touch – we would love to meet up and discuss how you can get involved.

Grind Supply Co want to support the community who will support our goal, we feel united that this task will be much more achievable.

BTW did we say we were founded in 2018?

Our Pledge

10% of all sales through Grind Supply Co go directly into the skatepark fund.

In this respect we are unique, turning your money into something for you and the community to use.

If you want to support the cause even more then head over to the grind house go fund me page and donate whatever you can.