Bronx Wheels - Ben Garcia - 83b - V3 Conical - 54mm - Skateboard Wheels

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Bronx Wheels may be fairly fresh to the skateboard market but that's certainly no bad thing. Skillfully and well thought out they mix up the skateboard scene with different urethane qualities and finishes. These Bronx Wheels, designed by Ben Garcia, are crafted with 83b urethane durometer for durability and versatility. The V3 Conical shape provides excellent control and a smooth ride. With a 54mm diameter, these wheels offer a perfect balance between speed and stability for skateboarders of all levels. Upgrade your setup with Bronx Wheels - Ben Garcia - 83b - V3 Conical - 54mm and experience a new level of performance on your skateboard. Shop now at Grind Supply Co - Online Skateboard Shop for top-quality skateboard parts like Bronx Wheels.