Triple 8 Nyc - 3 Pack - Saver Series - Assorted Sizes

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Protection is key when it comes to enjoying wheeled sports, and the Triple 8 Nyc 3-Pack Saver Series has got you covered. This set includes Knee saver Knee Pads, Elbow saver Elbow Pads, and Wrist saver Wrist Guards - everything you need to stay safe while shredding. All three pieces come in assorted sizes to ensure a perfect fit for every rider. Made from high-quality fabrics, EVA foam padding, and polycarbonate full coverage caps, this gear offers top-tier protection without restricting your movement. Keep yourself safe and worry-free with the Triple 8 Nyc 3-Pack Saver Series - a must-have for any skating enthusiast. Shop now at Grind Supply Co, the ultimate online skateboard shop.