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Emerica - Made - DVD And Zine

Emerica MADE Chapter One, 1/3 Colin Provost collectible cover with Book & DVD. (2013) Featuring Brandon Westgate, Leo Romero, Collin Provost and introducing Jeremy Leabres. The limited edition book curated by Jerry Hsu, features photographs from behind the scenes and an insight to the filming process on tour. Featuring photographers Michael Burnett, Joe Brook, Brian Gaberman, Bucky Gonzales, Atiba Jefferson, Ed Templeton and Jerry himself. "There were no meetings. No talks of 'moving forward.' No discussions of following up Stay Gold. Brandon and Collin just kept it going. And when Leo saw what was happening, he was all in." Running Time - 25mins.

Get your hands on this exclusive Emerica MADE Chapter One DVD and zine set today. Featuring skateboarding talents like Brandon Westgate, Leo Romero, Collin Provost, and the debut of Jeremy Leabres, this limited edition collection is a must-have for any skateboarding enthusiast. Dive deep into the behind-the-scenes world of skateboarding with stunning photographs curated by Jerry Hsu and other renowned photographers. With a running time of 25 minutes, this DVD is packed with thrilling skateboarding action that will keep you glued to the screen.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to own a piece of skateboarding history with the Emerica MADE Chapter One DVD and zine.