We're always on the look out for new talent to support.

Welcome to the Team Matt Price and Henry 'Dad' Court!!

Dad is an ATV beast. you can catch him busting a 4ft tre or bs nose grab on vert. the dude lives upto his credentials, he's a super rad guy on and off the board and does all he can to support those around him....he makes us proud to be skateboarder, and oh my laaawwwwd, can he take a hit! BEASTLY BEASTY BEAST!

And swiftly on Matt.

Currently out of action due to some late night shenanigans, we're holding a spot for him when he's of the bench and back on board!

The dude is a style master. my personal fav is his nollie front heel tail slide. 

he was on dc flow for a while, we're working hard to make this happen again for Matt!

Joe Huntington and Tom Hewlett.

These two lads come as no surprise.

Both have a solid style, heavy bag of tricks and are generally rad ass homies.

Tom is a local legend. 

He's been in Sidewalk magazine and to numerous competitions, including the Dew tour.

He lives skateboarding and is generally one of the best human beings on the's just a shame he know's it.

We also call him the Swizzard...Dude has major skills, lines for days!

Then there's Joe.

Whether it's busting a flip bs 5050 on a flat bar, or sticking a 8 trick line on the warm up. Joe's your guy.....he's going places with skateboarding.

Since day one we wanted Joe on the team.

Apart from eating and sleeping (and occasionally totalling his car) all he does is skate...the practise has definitely paid of! last session with Joe saw him put maybe 9 or 10 perfect tre's down in a row...just because he wasn't happy with the first three he did.

We're actively looking for rider's, rad dudes and promoters for the cause, if you feel you go the goods...hit us up!




March 01, 2022 — Rupert Butcher

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