What's it all about?

Why start a skate shop?

What are our goals?

So here we are, at the start of a possibly huge and exciting journey. simply put we want to found, run and promote and indoor skate park, coffee shop/ eatery and brand in North Devon.

We boast a beautiful environment, a thriving local skate scene and a huge and varied selection of top quality outdoor concrete parks that have sprung out across the area over the last 10 years.

The issue lies in the winter and on wet days.

The local indoor facilities are super basic, and are not adequate enough for the ability of a growing number of locals.....being frank, we have some huge potential talent in the area who travel upwards of 200 miles to get access to a decent indoor skate park. 

To truly progress in skateboarding; much like anything, takes a huge amount of practise and effort, with out the adequate facilities our local scene can only progress so far...leading to those with the talent, ability and drive to search for opportunities else where.

We are a for profit business, working as a social enterprise...we are giving 51% of our net profits to local skateboarding projects and facilities

We aim to work with UK and local suppliers, brands and business wherever possible. Our logo's, website, merch and branding are the work of a veteran of the North Devon Skate scene. they also adhere to strict ethical and environmental guidelines.

We have a simple modus operandi, Support our scene, supporting us

Traditionally skateboarding has always been about freedom, about self discovery, about resilience, expression, but most of all its about community, we want our efforts, sales and involvement to ensure the local community can look forward to a prosperous future.

So, we've started a skate shop with massive aspirations, raise money for an indoor park, support the growing local scene and keep local skateboarding in the hands of local skateboarders.

From our estimates there are easily over 1000 skaters within 50 miles.

To us we can see the potential and need for a dedicated facility in North Devon , we also feel our combined experience of over 100 years of skateboarding will be crucial in achieving this. 

So, If you can make a donation (following the link at the bottom of the page), make a purchase or simply spread the word. you'd be helping us on our way.

Much love, stay rad.

Rupes xx

March 01, 2022 — Rupert Butcher

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