Sour Solution - Besos - Gustav Tonneson Pro Model - 8.25 x 31.52 Wb14.2 S2 - Skateboard Deck

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Sour Solution Besos - Gustav Tonneson Pro Model Skateboard Deck

Gustav Tonnesen and Jeff have teamed up to bring you the Sour Solution Besos skateboard deck. Whether you're lurking at the spot or hitting the streets, this 8.25 x 31.52 WB14.2 S2 deck is ready for action. Made in Europe with top-quality materials, each deck comes with a unique top ply color variation, making yours one-of-a-kind.

Plus, each Sour Solution Besos deck includes FREE griptape, so you can start shredding as soon as it arrives. Upgrade your setup with a deck that's been designed by a pro and built to last.