Slappy Trucks - St1 - Classics - Raw Polish - 8.00 - Skateboard Trucks

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Get yourself a pair of Slappy Trucks Skateboard Trucks ST1 Classic 8.0 for a timeless polished silver finish and classic kingpin design. These trucks boast a low set kingpin for excellent grind clearance, fitting deck widths of 7.75 to 8.25. With a height of 53.9mm, these ST1 Classics are robust, durable, and lightweight, ensuring an agile board. Upgrade your skateboard with these high-quality Slappy Trucks that combine style and functionality seamlessly. Perfect for skaters of all levels, these trucks provide superior performance and durability for all your skateboarding tricks. Enhance your riding experience with the Slappy Trucks ST1 Classics. Order yours today from Grind Supply Co, your premier online skateboard shop.